Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice, a highly versatile field, stands as one of the pillars of pharmacy education. Its primary goal is to empower students to excel in comprehensive medication management, enabling them to provide exceptional patient care while also fostering leadership skills and promoting a lifelong pursuit of learning.
One of the major advantages of this department is its strategic location in close proximity to a renowned hospital with a capacity of 1000 beds, situated right within the campus. This hospital caters to patients from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals.
In collaboration with our institute, the esteemed Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Hospital in Haldia has successfully established a Drug Information Centre (DIC). This center offers various clinical and hospital pharmacy services, including patient counseling, addressing drug-related queries, and providing medication therapy management.