The department aims to establish expertise in pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, essential for the development of herbal products and drugs. It employs an integrated approach that combines traditional medicine with modern scientific knowledge and advanced tools and herbal drug technology. This approach ensures that students receive quality education, with experienced professionals transmitting fundamental knowledge in herbal drug science in an easily understandable manner. Practical skills are also cultivated through training in tasks like evaluating crude drugs' morphology and microscopy, isolating phytopharmaceuticals and excipients, conducting research, and implementing quality measures to protect the environment through medicinal plant cultivation.
The department focuses on future emerging subjects such as Herbal Drug Technology, Psychopharmacognosy, Natural Products, Modern Pharmacognosy, and Marine Pharmacognosy, which offer in-depth knowledge-gaining opportunities.
To facilitate learning, the department provides high-quality textbooks, national and international journals, and books relevant to competitive exams. Additionally, its laboratories are well-equipped with major instruments, including UV-spectrophotometers, colorimeters, binocular microscopes, projection microscopes, muffle furnaces, Soxhlet extractors, Clevenger’s apparatus, steam distillation setups, centrifuges, chromatography columns, electrophoresis equipment, and high-sensitivity digital balances. These resources and practical experiences enable students to develop innovative skills through engaging projects.