The Haldia Institute of Pharmacy is a completely plastic-free, green campus. The campus of the institute has a lift and is completely Wi-Fi enabled. In our institution, ragging is outright forbidden. Library of Haldia Institute of Pharmacy is excellent. Additionally to a computer lab with complete internet access, there is a library and a workshop. The institute also established an auditorium and a sports field and focused on extracurricular activities. Students have access to a cafeteria and a hostel facilities. The Haldia Institute of Pharmacy offers its students complete placement assistance. The laboratory at the institute is well-established and furnished with high-tech tools such a UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC, HPTLC, a dissolution test apparatus, a disintegration test apparatus, an automatic tablet punching machine, a CHN analyzer, and a lyophilizer. The institution often holds seminars on the pharmaceutical industry.


The 14 laboratories and equipment of the Haldia Institute of pharmaceutical are well-equipped to give students practical training in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to provide undergraduate training in all the important fields of pharmacy, the college has an adequate number of labs. The labs are nicely equipped and created to give students lots of workspace. All safety precautions have been taken to help in an emergency. The lab space meets with PCI requirements, and PCI maintenance standards are followed for the equipment. The lab assistants audit the compounds once every six months. The institution has an established instrumentation lab with high-tech equipment such a UV Spectrophotometer, a dissolution test apparatus, a disintegration test apparatus, an HPLC, an HPTLC, an automatic tablet punching machine, a CHN analyzer, and a lyophilizer.

The Instrumentation Lab facility has an impact in various academic and research areas.
  • Development of Analytical methods and techniques
  • Physico-Chemical Characterization of drug molecules.
  • Biochemical Analysis of various drug samples or body fluids.
  • Assay of various drugs and their excipients.
  • Production of various dosage form and their evaluation.
  • Extraction and Analysis techniques of various crude drugs and volatile oils
  • Preformulation studies
Sl. No. Laboratories
1 Pharmaceutical Chemistry I Lab
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry II Lab
3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry III Lab
4 Pharmaceutics I Lab
5 Pharmaceutics II Lab
6 Pharmaceutics III Lab
7 Pharmacology I Lab
8 Pharmacology II Lab
9 Pharmacognosy I Lab
10 Pharmacognosy II Lab
11 Pharmacy Practice Lab
12 Microbiology Lab
13 Machine Room
14 Central Instrument Room


A fully air conditioned and 500 seat containing centralized S.N Bose Auditorium of 1000 sq. ft is ideal for a seminar or conference or Video Conference.


As an extracurricular activity, sports and cultural activities are an essential aspect of the overall educational system. Throughout their college careers, students are required to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Haldia Institute of Pharmacy held an extended sports and cultural meet each year while focusing on the idea of "SPORTS FOR ALL" during the entire session. Every year, a particular sport is held, such as the HIP Badminton Championship, HIP Cricket Championship, and HIP Soccer League.Through sponsorship, the institute also helps organizations and other institutions with sports and other activities in related categories.


Students can feel at ease and at home thanks to the academy's top-notch hostel amenities and campus infrastructure. The Haldia Institute of Pharmacy offers both male and female dorm accommodations. The two main goals of the hostel's construction are safety and comfort. The on-duty personnel does a good job of maintaining cleanliness. Every dormitory room offers a welcoming ambiance and an unpolluted environment, which supports the students' growth in mind, body, and spirit. The hostels include a separate dining area with enough seating.

Following Three Boys hostel and One Girls Hostel are available to provide the accommodation to students.
1. Abhinandan Boys Hostel (200 Seats)
2. Begum Rokeya Girls Hostel (100 Seats)
Guidelines for Hostel Accommodation
  • Students studying in the Haldia institute of Pharmacy seeking hostel accommodation will be required to apply in the prescribed application form.
  • Fee / Hostel Charges will be as mentioned in hostel application form.
  • Hostel residents are expected to observe the rules and regulations prescribed for them as well as all the requirements of corporate life and the social norms that living together demands.
  • Failure to observe discipline or violation of rules may make a student liable to disciplinary action which may result in the withdrawal of Hostel Facilities.


Bank with ATM facility available in the campus of Haldia Institute of Pharmacy. Canara Bank and Post Office available in the campus in interest of students, staffs, faculties and Institution employee.