Drug Museum

The Drug Museum boasts ample space to exhibit the fascinating history of the pharmacy profession, along with an array of formulas and detailed descriptions. Within its walls, students can explore informative and meticulously organized shelves that present the most up-to-date dosage forms, including syrups, tablets, capsules, eye drops, ointments, suppositories, and more. Furthermore, the museum proudly showcases various Nutrition Charts, Vaccination Schedules, Vitamin Charts, and other informative materials, aiming to continuously disseminate valuable knowledge among all its visitors.
Stepping into the Drug Museum, one can delve into the evolution of pharmacy over the centuries, witnessing the remarkable advancements in the field. The displays are thoughtfully arranged, providing a comprehensive journey through time, from ancient herbal remedies to the cutting-edge pharmaceutical innovations of today.
The carefully curated Nutrition Charts, Vaccination Schedules, and Vitamin Charts serve as valuable resources for promoting public health awareness. Through this educational approach, the museum aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health, emphasizing preventive measures and the significance of proper nutrition.