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Pharmacy is an important component of the medical and healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole is concerned with the manufacturing, preparation, export and marketing of drugs. It is of vital importance to the economy and employs a large number of scientists, technicians, and pharmacist. In a country like India, with a large population susceptible to various bacterial and fungal diseases, pharmacy as a career option has always been in demand. As medical science advances and people become increasingly health conscious, the demand for pharmacists will only get higher. The increased medication and healthcare needs of an older population, more effective drugs to treat and prevent diseases, and a growing population have collectively resulted in a shortage of pharmacists nationwide. We wish to fulfill the cry for the hour.

Haldia Institute of Pharmacy aims to nurture and produce disciplined pharmacists who are exposed to all aspects of pharmacy profession. The moral and professional values are of prime importance at our college. We will strive hard to become a center of excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research and will try hard to be a world leader in the field Pharmaceutical education and practice of profession with the mission of strengthening the health service of the country.

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